My small collection of the most incredible Lego masterpieces

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I still remember I was just five years old when my dad bought me my first lego set. From that day on, I’ve been increasingly passionate with Lego. How I wish I have the time and money to make my very own life size Lego structure. Too bad. But life still has to continue.

Of money and time, I think time may be the bigger problem. I may not have the time to construct my own massive Lego creation at this point of time, but that dream lives on. For now, the most that I may do is to go to the various Lego theme parks when I’ve the opportunity to. So far, I’ve only been able to make it to the one in Kuala Lumpur but I know you will find few of such theme parks that have been built worldwide.


For now, I’ll leave you with some of the most wonderful (in my opinion) Lego masterpieces that I’ve seen. Enjoy!

1. Massive Assault Craft

2. Massive Assault Truck

3. Massive spider

4. Red dragon in Florida

5. X-wing fighter

The complicated process behind choice of great unique necklace pendant

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Virtually every consumer product has a restricted lifespan except for jewelry which only find its worth improving over time. But jewelry itself is a term that is so widely used and so extensively abused in several instances. I remember how jewelry pieces were so highly regarded because they’re created of such high quallity stuff as silver, gold and diamond. Nevertheless, in the billion dollars jewelry industry of today, there are all those cheap replicas which were made widely accessible. I’d not consider affordable imitation to be real jewelry although I’m not a professional jeweler. The standard of these inexpensive jewelries are not so high that I really don’t consider them worthy of a space in the best jewelry armoire I have at home. There are indeed so many things about jewelry that here are just a number of them and can be fascinating.

Some individuals pick their jewelries based on nothing but their visual attractiveness. Interestingly, jewelry has been used as amulet in certain portions of the world and one good example is the evil eye pendant necklace. Nonetheless, as time passes by, many of such popular symbols have evolved and embraced by mainstream consumers. Most of these consumers are uninformed concerning the significance as style and beauty are the only things on their minds when they make their jewelry selection. Therefore, if someone had purchased an evil eye necklace and you also ask them in regards to the meaning it represents, more likely than not, they’ll not have the ability to provide you with the correct explanation. This is why even for supposedly spiritual or symbolic jewelry pieces like an evil eye pendant necklace, there exists wide variety of fashionable and unique designs.

From platinum to gold that is yellow. From yellow to black diamond. From silver to platinum. Jewelry makers have used many different materials to make jewelry. The more limited the supply of a stuff means the more costly will the price of the jewelry be. But you are making your jewelry purchase, you might want to look beyond fashion and price. One matter which should not be taken too is our skin susceptibility which might be unique to each of us. This really is especially significant when we discuss the best earrings for sensitive ears. For those with sensitive ears, there are specific earrings that could be fashionable but they still must prevent them just because those earrings will cause undesireable effect and cannot be used following the purchase.

Due to its widespread appeal, jewelry forms one of the significant part of the retail sector. With the widespread adoption of online shopping, many have turned to online retailers to make their jewelry purchases. Those who are knowledgeable enough, they are able to generally find better deals online than in conventional physical jewelry stores but although there are clearly certain groups of individuals that are still not comfortable with internet shopping. It’s common for exactly the same elephant necklace that is selling for hundreds of dollars in conventional brick-and-mortar jewelry retailers to be sold online for only half the cost. Even for such bulky items as jewelry armoires, you can sometimes enjoy 50% savings compared to the price when you buy them in the store, you’d need to pay.

I’m easily fascinated by any reference of jewelry. I am able to talk about jewelry all day long but let us stop here for now. If there is any meaning connected to it next time you are considering a lovely horseshoe necklace pendant, don’t forget to ask the sales person. I’m not sure about you but girls normally invest greatly in their own jewelry and it is an investment that’s well worth protecting. Contemplate all the jewelry storage ideas that are accessible and do not make a hasty choice. Even the best jewelry armoire may not be the best fit for you, while it will certainly keep your jewelry organized and safe. As it could be the best protection you’ll be able to give to your exquisite investments, but having said that, you shouldn’t skimp in getting the best jewelry armoire.

clip on earrings for women

On why preserving Christmas practices is crucial

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You’ll be amazed to realize how time flies in the blink of an eye. I think that it was just yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and today, a good part of the year is over. I hate it when I see every added wrinkles forming on my face but that serves as a good reminder of how age is catching up. But that is part of the natural ageing process than none of us can get away from, nicely if you don’t decide to meddle with nature and do such things as cosmetic surgery. I actually adore to make myself seem as youthful as Martha Stewart even when I’m old but I think I have to fork out my whole savings to do that.

If there’s one part of the year where I love the most, it will likely be Christmas. The sweet memories that I ‘d back in youth time stays with me even until today and I can’t forget how one gets to appreciate such joyful delights as gingerbread biscuits and candy cane candies just during Christmas. That memories stick with me even till today and it’s something which I am decided to pass down to my next generation.

Christmas - 5

There are lots of stuff that can make Christmas enjoyment and one is gift offering. Those people that are not close to me often label me as cheapskate when they understand that I do not shop any time other than Christmas. But that is just half the picture as I actually pile up all my savings and splurge during the vacation shopping season. Not everyone will be competent to develop such custom as there will be many temptations that come along the way and a few are truly irresistible.

I know we are all busy with whatever we’re doing and thinking about Christmas is not something we do before the month of December. I think it is significant to keep the Christmas tradition living and it’s also the best time of the year to bring families together and hammer closer ties. If great memory of Christmas is something that is preoccupied in your lifetime, maybe it’s time to take a instant of pause in your life and think about it seriously. There’s so much that can be done during the joyous season but nothing will happen until you dedicate the efforts.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Is bigger better?

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After years and years of waiting, Apple finally succumbs to the revolution that is phablet. I still remember how Steve Jobs’ conviction of the perfect form factor in the iPhone versions that are older have return to the organization he had resurrected from the brink of death. Anything less will not be large. Anything will be big.

After seeing its market share being eaten away by its rivals like Samsung, HTC and Sony, Apple finally released the much awaited larger iPhone. Before, I was determined that this will be the final chance that I’m going to give to Apple. I was going to jump ship if they do not release a bigger display iPhone. For quite some time now, I ‘d been ready to get the Galaxy Note 3 but it was because of my hate for Samsung that I ‘d not been making the switch.

Now that iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6 had been officially unveiled, it leaves me in a position that is difficult to make my pick. I’m certain I am not the sole person who is having a hard time determining which of the two colossal iPhone I should be receiving. On one hand, I’m quite attracted to the enormous display size the iPhone 6 Plus is offering. But on the flip side, I Have been hearing a great deal of the negative narratives around iPhone 6 Plus. Known as the ‘bendgate’ scandal, some reviewers say when you set it in the pocket, the iPhone 6 Plus will flex.

I have been wanting to upgrade my telephone that is iPhone 4 to a display that is larger. Problems and all the hypes leave me in uncertainty if it’s the optimum time to get the iPhone 6 Plus now or is it better to go with the smaller iPhone 6 instead. Is the screen size of the iPhone 6 big enough. Or will I regret for not getting a larger display. It makes me wonder if the screen size is all there is that we have to consider when picking between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. I’m really not sure. I’m still looking for that someone to enlighten me on this dilemma.


How much should you pay for an excellent cookware set

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No one will blame you if you believe becoming a top chef is about glamour as described in various reality TV shows as Chopped. Such thinking is not even close to reality and it is simple to find out what reality is like by reading the journey of celebrated chefs like Gordon Ramsey. Instead of all pleasure, countless hours of tremendously difficult works are needed if you desire to get to the top. It doesn’t require a genius to master the art of cooking. It is open for anybody to try but most will just stop even before reaching the halfway stage. Getting yourself the ultimate pot & pan set is would be the first step for anyone who’s looking to be a good chef. To a chef, cooking merchandise is as essential as rifles is to a soldier.

Even when you give an award winning recipe to the world’s greatest chef, it’s just not possible to turn-out high-quality dishes without high quality cooking wares. If you do not do your assignments and carry out the essential cookware reviews, you may be thinking like what most the others are believing in assuming that all cooking products are produced to be the same. You’ll be able to talk to them about your experience with the various cookware sets but to a newcomer, such cookware reviews will be of little meaning. For example, you regularly hear purchasers saying the best non-stick cookware sets are more of a hype rather than anything that is of actual impact to them-but you get to hear comparing stories when you speak to someone who knows how annoying it’s when their dishes stick on the pans and generate a huge mess.

Deciding between non-stick and routine surface is most likely the hardest thing that one has to determine when buying a new set of cookware. Everyone is no stranger to Teflon, as it is the technology innovator in non stick wares. But health specialists and academics might have their own view , nor appear to enjoy Teflon quite definitely and this is best represented in the studies and suggestions produced by them. Locating Cookware Reviews essential of Teflon coating is not too difficult. In one study, it was demonstrated the PFOA release when a Teflon surface is heated to high temperature may even kill a bird and this has been one of the most commonly mentioned arguments against Teflon. While some say Teflon make the top-rated cookware sets, you’ve got to recognize that the nonstick coating requires subtle attention if you want it to last long enough. Using wood utensils is typically urged in favor of steel utensils.

If you are seriously interested in the quality of food that you cook (taste- and nutrients-wise), you would spare no effort to go through all the critical reviews to be able to find the top-rated pan & pot sets. But before leaping into it straight-away, you must know just what you want. Only afterward, you’ll be able to concentrate on the discourses which are important and bypass those that are not and not squander your time. If say, the best cast iron pan and pot set is what you’re looking for, reviews that speak about the benefit of stainless steel materials are something which you’ll be able to bypass. To put it merely, understanding which is the top-rated Teflon-based pot & pan set is of small value since what-you’re seeking is the finest cast iron pot and pan set.

Non-stick cookware review

Just how much should you fork out for a superb countertop oven

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House is a refuge to most of america. That’s the reason most folks are no stranger to the phrase ‘home sweet home’. Besides sitting on my desk, I spend large majority of my time at residence, in the kitchen and that is why kitchen is to me, my most important section of the house. But it still depends upon your lifestyle and passion in life and I am certain some of you’d have another idea than mine. I don’t deny the truth that kitchen occurs to be the most hated place to some people (which I can not figure out why) but for the most of you, I presume you adore your kitchen as much as I do. If you are like me and often spend lots of time in the kitchen, making sure we always get the best appliances for the home is overriding. Let me share one or two appliances that I consider to be a must-have item for a good kitchen and few points to consider before getting them.

Ecoque ECO71008 - Probably the best pizza oven

The best timing when you should make your oven obtain depends on few factors. There are occasions when your equipment shopping can wait and there are times when it can not. Moving into a brand new home and doing your initial furnishing is one such occasionBut for those people who have just renovated their kitchen and want to get the best-rated microwave oven that matches their new kitchen would locate themselves less urgently looking for a brand new oven. In such circumstances, time is on your side and you don’t always have to make your purchase today. It is no secret that in regards to home appliances, there are particular times of the year where you are able to generally find great bargains. Black Friday is really only one example where many home appliances (notably the bulkier ones like microwave ovens) will have their prices marked down considerably. Whichever group you fit in with, it is typically recommended to start your hunt by going through few toaster oven reviews before making your way to the shop.

Different types of oven have already been invented with each developed for specific type of cooking. With 90% of American properties at least one unit of microwave oven, it is difficult to claim against the popularity of microwave oven. Such statistic is a little mind-blowing contemplating the assorted recommendation that you normally get when heading through the microwave oven assessments. Despite all the strikes against it, the best microwave range is still selling like hotcakes. In my experience, this indicates that many homeowners are willing to take health risk in exchange for the substantially needed convenience given by the use of microwave oven.

Of all the appliances sitting at my kitchen counter-top, I especially love my oven the most. I’m sure you’ll agree that just the ultimate toaster range is sufficient to sit in your counter top, particularly when you’ve been utilizing your oven a lot. Recognize there are different kinds of oven and picking the ultimate oven is something that has to take your cooking preference into account. If you love pizza and can not go on a day without pizza, consider getting the best-rated pizza oven that you can put-on your counter top and perhaps not one that should be place on the patio and demands huge amount of room. But before making your purchase, make sure that you try and figure out the best versions for the type of oven that you simply mean to buy. If you’re purchasing a microwave oven, find the list of ultimate microwave ranges for 2014 and not 2013. There is still so much more to discuss about but I trust this simple sharing has been helpful and it provides you some thoughts about what you might want to consider during the next oven purchase.

Great Breadmaker will last you for many years. It truly is only right that you just spend a little more effort to locate the best Breadmaker

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Viewing Meryl Streep’s Baker’s Shop in “It’s Difficult” would ignite the burning fire within any bread fanatics. Bread making is a questionnaire of culinary art by itself and a discipline that always brings enormous quantity of interest but also high percentage of dropout. This just goes to show the degree of difficulty associated with mastering a piece of artwork and this one is no exception. Passion may be the first thing needed but for anyone to excel in this art-form, it requires considerably greater than that and the quantity of commitment and perseverance can be intimidating for most folks. Before, it’d take enormous investment for anyone who wants to begin baking and among the list of high-priced equipments needed are dough mixer, bread oven and there are still lots more. It was just after bread maker was introduced that the entire game was shifted. The finest breadmaker definitely lets you bake easiness but it does not mean you can take a candle to the pro instantly. So if you’re looking for the ultimate bread machine, would you know what considerations should you be deliberation? Let’s find out.

Popular breadmaker reviews

In your quest for the ultimate bread machine, one point you may want to observe when going through all the bread machine reviews is the versatility in selecting distinct loaf size. Depending on your family size, you will need to understand what is the proper serving size for the family. Generally speaking, smaller loaf size serving is sufficient for a little family of three or four members. But do not assume this to true for all cases as there is always exception of household members who have more than the norm. Clearly, if every member of the household is of small constructed, you need smaller serving when compared with the event when every member is of big built. So, understand how much is your need and the perfect bread machine for you’ll be one that lets you choose the loaf size which you desire.

Appearance is one aspect that each appliance maker will set most stress on. In the end, no one needs a high-performance equipment that’s too ugly to sit on the counter top. If design and esthetic is a huge concern for you, you might want to choose the stainless steel body choices instead of the plastic choice. You may want to keep in mind the best stainless steel bread makers are usually more expensive than say the finest bread makers made from plastic body. Cuisinart bread makers are usually a safe bet as the business name is no stranger to modern home owners.

Wellbeing-conscious families who are seeking to rid themselves of the preservative-filled bread sold in the store shelves now have a reason to be hopeful ever since the launch of bread maker. The expanding number of bread maker reviews best represents the increasing adoption of bread makers among families who need to embark on fitter lifestyle. Don’t undermine the importance of dietary consumption. If you are doing your bread maker reviews thoroughly, you may learn the top-rated breadmakers on your case are not necessarily the priciest versions. But if there is something I can assess you, it will likely be that it takes time and training to build your baking ability. These machines might have already been designed to take away most of the guessworks but it doesn’t mean you can be a master baker instantly.


Can you should go for the most expensive vacuum cleaner to get the greatest vacuum cleaner?

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It’s widely accepted that diamonds and women are inseparable; and similarly stated in the same breath, vacuums are parents’ most useful friend. A larger area of the people needs to clear their own homes at one point in their life. Family rules influence the cleaning; which may be askew in favour of a number of people that are relieved from the task and perhaps not the others. Nonetheless, even when you are on the list of ‘happy’ group, you still cannot run away from the responsibility once you moved into your own property. To make this tough job easier, you need to employ the aid of a dependable vacuum cleaner and so going through good vacuum cleaner reviews is important if you want to choose one that can provide your expectations.

There has been little technological improvement realized in the vacuums market, and if you compare it to the tablets and smartphones, it really lags behind. A very important factor that makes us unique as people is that we are constantly changing and change is constant in our life. Regardless of how properly designed a vacuum is, it may be good to-day but may be irrelevant tomorrow. Which means that you will more often come across vacuum cleaner reviews in your search for inexpensive vacuum cleaners. And if you focus on Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews that were published two years ago, you’ll definitely see them not appropriate as per what is selling on the market today. Purchasing one of the best vacuum cleaners can be very complicated if no proper study is done.

In regards to vacuum shopping, there are many ways to save money. If you prefer the brick-and-motor departmental stores like Cotsco for the applying shopping; then, you may have to consider going throughout your mail for their trade discounts, in the occasional e-mails that they send. However, in the event that you shop online then you’ll find places to get floor cleaners at unbeatable costs, these include; Sears, Most useful Buys, and Amazon. Amazon has every one of the models that are considered as the best vacuum cleaners in 2014, and a vast majority of the models are offered at a cheaper price. Do not forget that all through holidays like Black Friday, e-retailers do offer discounted prices on vacuums. Obviously, the problem to the majority of non-savvy on line shoppers is finding these deals.

One crucial point that’s to be pondered when selecting a vacuum is the degree of maintenance required. It’s everyone’s wish to have a vacuum that performs superbly and at the same time necessitates no upkeeping at all. But to put matters in perspective, I don’t believe in the very best of both worlds. A vacuum is constructed of many complex components assembled to work together and hence it is extremely hard to make a design that works well but requires no upkeeping. I am perhaps not saying it is difficult as I have no way of predicting the potential but at least this is true given the present state-of-the-art technology. A more wiser expectation would be to find one which necessitates less but perhaps not the least level of upkeeping.

As you can see, there are lots of techniques one can look for a vacuum cleaner. It is not in regards to the lack of locating the most readily useful vacuum, however the failure to decide on from the many affordable cleaners from available stores. The key is even if you think you are buying from the big boys including such as Bissell, it is advisable to complete your research and finding Bissell vacuum reviews shouldn’t be too much. Note that most popular vacuum cleaners list doesn’t remain the same each and annually but keeps changing because of technological advancement in vacuum cleaners. To get a vacuum cleaner that may best meet your need always examine the 2014 vacuum cleaner reviews throughout the research process.

Bissell vacuum reviews

My life story

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There are tonnes of things in life to be passionate about. Technology is my passion in life.

Think about this. Technology is a field where change is the only constant and the pace at which changes occur can be quite scary to most folks.

Ask your dad or grandfather to modify a simple excel sheet or put a sephia filter to the photo that you’ve just taken using the phone camera. I would not be be in disbelief if simple stuffs which you’ve assumed to be trivial can be daunting to the older generations. The term popularly employed to describe this phenomena is technology laggard. We may think it is a laughing matter now but flash yourself twenty years down the road.


Currently, we are already seeing a generational transformation from desktop computing to tablets and cloud computing. If the sound of it is nauseating, then we’d better be cautioned and do something to keep ourselves updated. Without any effort now, five years down the road, we’ll find ourselves like a dinosaur just waiting for extinction.


I am a tech enthusiast who happens to have deep affection with writing. I see blogging as a wonderful mean to keep myself relevant to the constantly changing world of technology and at the same time allowing me to impart useful knowledge to my readers.

I am opened to any opportunity. If you have a brilliant idea and want to explore the possibility, drop me a line and I love to hear from you.

The best way to pick your next Home Blender

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There is no place better than house. That’s why most people are no stranger to the phrase ‘home-sweet-home’. Apart from sitting on my desk, I invest big mass of my time at residence, in the kitchen and that’s why kitchen is to me, my most significant segment of the home. But it still depends on your lifestyle and passion in life and I am sure some of you’d have an alternate idea than mine. I wouldn’t be surprised even if you tell me that kitchen is the last place in the house which you would want to spend time at but I suppose that you do not belong to that group of individuals. If you do spend lots of your time in the kitchen, I am sure you’ll agree that it’s very important to constantly get simply the best kitchen appliances. I would like to share one or two appliances whom I consider to be a must-have piece for a good kitchen and few points to consider before obtaining them.

When you buy your appliances depends on few variables. There are instances when your equipment buying can wait and there are times when it can’t. Moving into a brand new house and doing your first furnishing is one such occasionHowever, if you’re intending to renew your kitchen appliances or you are merely adding one or two items, then there’s a lower level of urgency to buy the best blender which you have uncovered. For such events, you are able to do your shopping at a later time. Just in case you’re not mindful, certain periods of the year are great time for bargain-hunting and you may want to take notice of that even before beginning your spree. Black Friday is really just one example where several household appliances (notably the bulkier types like LED TVs) will have their prices marked down somewhat. One piece of guidance that proves to be classic and ageless is always to consistently start your search with the necessary research and you’ll be amazed at how much time it will save you in the end.

If you’ve been following up the state of our Nation’s health, you will be alarmed by the growing variety of Americans getting heavy and this is no small part contributed by the mushrooming of unhealthy foods chains around the country. Thank God, there’s recently been active campaigns promoting good and healthier lifestyle. Fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and yoghurts are some of the diets recommended by most health experts. As with any other thing, you can definitely visit the shop and buy them, but nothing is fresher than making your own. If you have been heeding your physician’s advice and have initiated the custom of consuming a glass of juice or smoothies every day, I bet you’d in no time be seeking for the best juicer or blender. It might seem insignificant to most folks but perhaps not all juicers are of the same quality and a great illustration is the selection between masticating versus ordinary juicer. There is little doubt that masticating juicer is the better option but many tend to shy from it due to its steep price. Juices created from a masticating juicer is unquestionably a class above that of a normal juicer and it is something which you would just appreciate once you’ve it in your kitchen and make your own preferred fruits or vegetable juices.

The Blender Reviews HQ

If there’s one outwardly simple kitchen appliance innovation that means the planet to kitchen owners, it would be immersion blender. For those who’ve used their blenders to make nothing but smoothies would claim this might not be the ultimate blender kind as it tends to produce bad smoothies. It’s not an completely baseless argument but if you talk to those who’ve experienced first hand the advantage of it, they’re going to tell you that this needs to be the best blenders they have probably possessed. The Best Hand Blenders are designed to make planning of soups and purees so simpler. This really is something which the top-rated smoothie maker won’t manage to achieve as nearly all smoothie machines are designed with top opening. The need to transfer out and in the content of your soup and puree might anytime lead to spillover that will consequently create tremendous mess in your kitchen top.

As you can see, I’m especially excited to talk about my kitchen and the stuffs found there. If you share the same excitement as mine, I’m certain you’d agree that only the best kitchen appliances are worth considering and skimping on them is the last thing you would like to do. For those people who are determined to change their diet for healthier life style, easy and high quality smoothie is important to the success of your diet plan which makes owning the top-rated blender for smoothies necessary. Some of the healhiest variety of dishes are soup and puree but if you want to make your life easier, you’ll definitely need to consider acquiring the best hand blender. It’s typically recommended that you attempt to find the best-rated blending machine reviews instead of randomly selecting one that you see on the ledges as the number of choices can readily lead one to confusion.